Military Motorcycle Mentors / Motorcycle Safety Representatives Mentors are used throughout the military in an effort to help promote safe riding, proper wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE), training and mentorship. Mentors are an important part of the safety program and help to ensure that Commanders have a seasoned rider that is able to not only properly brief them and keep them informed on rider and motorcycle issues, but are also a voluntary extension of the Command helping to keep the Military riders safe and ensure they are properly trained.

In an effort to assist with the Motorcycle Mentorship Program, Military Bikers has established a section specifically for the discussions between motorcycle mentors along with providing an area where they can share useful files. It is our intention to boost the motorcycle mentorship program to the next level by allowing joint discussions and knowledge sharing among mentors to help establish and maintain beneficial motorcycle mentorship programs.

If you are a motorcycle mentor, or will be a motorcycle mentor, we encourage you to login and check out the discussions in this section of the Military Bikers forum. If you have files and other downloadable information which you think other mentors may find useful, drop it in the Motorcycle Mentorship files area here.

Thank you for everything you do in helping to keep our fellow Military Riders safe.