My name is Dave Hardie. I'm new to military bikers as of today. I was referred by a fellow service member this afternoon who is organizing a fund raiser for an injured military rider in the Charleston, SC area.

My service: 6 years as an infantry officer in the Active Army. Two vacations to Afghanistan. Platoon leader, XO, Company Commander, Combat Advisor and Instructor. Fort Benning, Fort Bliss, and Fort Polk.

I'm back in Charleston, South Carolina after a year of traveling and working private security in southern California. I'm now the owner of MotoHub USA- a motorcycle towing, storage and retail vendor with a mission to use proceeds to sponsor veteran families in need and hire fellow vets as we expand. I'm also taking evening graduate classes in project management at the Citadel Graduate School and working on a new retail location and/or cafe setup for riders to come relax in a different kind of atmosphere.

Looking forward to meeting some of you soon. If you need anything, our website is in my signature and we are connected on all of the social media handles. Stay in touch and let me know if there's anything I can help out with or get for you. Ride safe!

Rangers Lead the Way!