Officers at the scene say the man, an Air Force service member who appeared to be in his twenties, was riding a motorcycle in New Seward’s northbound lanes when he crashed. A sport-utility vehicle and a pickup truck were stopped, with the motorcycle under the pickup’s rear.

APD Sgt. Gregory Witte calls the crash a good reminder for motorcyclists to wear helmets, as the man in Wednesday’s crash did. Witte says the helmet helped the rider in the crash, as did the proximity of Witte and another sergeant who were near the incident and heard but didn't see the collision.

“The rider is conscious; he was injured and he was taken to a local hospital for treatment,” Witte said. "We were able to get over here and render first aid very quickly."

While the man was breathing and speaking with officers at the scene, Witte also asks motorists to be aware of motorcycles in their immediate vicinity.