Interesting and could provide some good info and statistics when talking to other riders about proper PPE.

What makes this study different is that it did not look only at crashes reported through the police and emergency services, which tend to be the most serious, but instead sought out referrals to individuals through motorcycle repair shops based on repairs to bikes that were dropped or otherwise damaged in an accident. This led to interviewing the riders who crashed and did enough damage to their bike to warrant repairs, but did not do enough damage to their person to warrant a hospital stay or burial. The results show how different types of PPE worked, and whether the PPE sustained damage or failed in the crash. This is especially important because the value of PPE is realized to a much greater extent in lower energy crashes that do not result in death. Higher energy crashes on the other hand impose forces on the body and internal organs that are not substantively mitigated by PPE. This study also does not address helmets, which are already well proven in reducing head injuries, and subject to more proven standards of design and testing.