Do you see a post that is spam? You can report it by clicking the little red warning sign under the left side of the post. You should see a little red warning sign under the username, avatar, service info and other stuff that is on the left side of each post.

Clicking that little icon will allow you to report the post and a message will be sent to the admins and moderators so we can delete the post, delete the user, ban the IP address and whatever else we have to do.

We use a pretty good system to help keep the spam out of here, but $hit happens and there may be a time when someone manages to get through our defenses.

IF you are interested, we use both AKISMET and to check the content of the posts along with checking the information submitted during the registration process. We have the system set to the highest level to help protect everyone here, so even if one little thing in a post has been reported in the past as coming from a spam post, the post is put into moderation. During the registration process, if any of the info submitted during the registration process gets a hit, the registration is automatically denied.