Some of the contests that we may run may be for the first x number of people that refer x people to

In order to "get credit" for someone that you refer, they either have to enter your username in the appropriate space when asked for the "referred by" info during the registration process, or you can give them a link that when clicked, will automatically add your info into the "referred by" spot on the registration form.

In order to find the link you would need to give someone, look at the top of this page and you will see SETTINGS (or just click here). It should be located to the left of LOGOUT. click that SETTINGS link and you will see a block that is titled "Military Bikers Referrals". In this block, there is a link that you can give to people. You must give them the full link, which includes a number at the end.

How the link works...

If you send an email or post the link on a blog, forum, facebook page, etc.. When someone clicks on the link to visit this site they will be taken to the main forum page the same is if you had given them a link to The difference is that after they poke around a little, when they decide to register your username is automatically added into the "referred by" block on the registration page.

It is not possible to go back in and manually enter in people that you referred, so they either have to type the info in during the registration process of you can use a link that will automatically enter your info in.

When you click SETTINGS, you will also see the number of people you have referred. If you go to someone's profile, in the ABOUT ME tab, it will show who they were referred by and also list the members that they referred.