I've designed a new type of military on-off-road combat vehicle (Working informally with MCoE) that's got the performance envelope and terrain access of a motocross bike with the same power to weight. It's low-tech, relatively cheap, sturdy, and scalable... from two person up to 11 persons.

It drives and feels like a motorcycle and can be armored up to Bradley level, though with the agility, Army's telling me less armor is probably ok. Oh, it's fast amphibious, too. Think Seadoo.

Going from specs and Officer input to the Technology Demonstrator/prototype is only going to come out right if a few of you folks, especially Tankers with Harley experience, help me slap the stupid out of my plans. You're Warfighters, I'm a weapon system designer; you'll help make sure it's good, not just cool.