Great info about an increase in social security benefits for ANY active
duty service between 1940 and 2001, retirement not required. You must
file to get the benefit, it's not automatic. Please share this with
anyone who's had active duty service prior to January 2002 and planning
for retirement. In a nutshell it boils down to this: You qualify for a
higher social security payment because of your military service, for
active duty any time from 1940 through 2001 (the program was done away
with in January 2002). Up to $1200 per year of earnings credit credited
at time of application - which can make a substantial difference in
social security monthly payments upon your retirement.

You must bring your DD-214 to the Social Security Office - and you must
ask for this benefit to receive it! Soc Sec website:

This is something to put in your files for when you apply for
Security down the road. It is NOT just for retirees, BUT anyone who has
served on active duty prior to January 2002. FYI - this benefit is not
automatic, you must ask for it!